I'm Santiago Baigorria, a Product Designer and developer from Argentina. Working on exceptional digital products and websites since 2012.

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A little bit about me

About me

I'm a former Aerolab, still obsessed with the pixel perfect materialization. Currently focusing on UX/UI design, I still do a lot of front-end development on a daily basis.

With +4 years of experience working with digital products, I very recently started to work with friends in two side projects in which I'm commited as Product Designer.


A side project I'm building with Mauro. The MVP currently lives at — stay tuned!

Case study coming soon




Owls Academy

Owls is a platform a couple friends and I are building to assist students and teachers with hard sciences.

Case study coming soon




Honest Vacation

A booking website that is currently invite-only. I was Product Designer on a small distributed team.

Case study coming soon




Here's my résumé... 12 years of education and +4 years in business.

...and still a self-taught.


Cardenal Newman, 2001 - 2012, Bachelor's degree

Cambridge's IGCSE exams

GCE AS Level exams


UI developer @ Crandi, 2013 (3-months internship)

UI developer @ Aerolab, 2013 - 2015 (1 year 7 months)

UX/UI Designer @ Santz (freelance)

Product Designer @ Actuame, 2015 - present

Product Designer @ Owls Academy, 2015 - present


Self-education, design and development @ Cardenal Newman, October 9 2015

More work

If you checked the big projects and were wondering if I had done more work, well yes, there is more for you to check out.

I know... the +4 years in business : 3 projects ratio doesn't make any sense... Here are a couple more.

  • FunTime 2013

    This job was my first one at Aerolab. I coded a landing page designed by Ale Vizio. I was tutored by Robert Gonzalez, Aerolab's CTO and elite full-stack developer. Work was mainly front-end, although Robert guided me to do the CodeIgniter implementation.

    View some old awesomeness

    #Front-end development

  • Mercedes De Vito 2015

    A small landing page for a therapist from San Isidro, Argentina. I made everything from design and development. I also helped Mer establish a strong online presence. She's already promoting her business via Facebook, and will soon get started with Google.

    Visit Mer's website




  • Mazda 2014

    A great project for a great brand. Mazda's in-house design team handed Aerolab their 2014 redesign. I was given the honor of coding it's front-end. I even had the chance to spot and correct a minimal grid/design error, which made the client happier.


    #Front-end development

  • Lautraman 2012 - present

    My father's brand. The logo was made by himself years ago when he founded Grupo Pampa. I digitalized it and made him a small site for his actual business (the site is more of an online business card).

    View business card




  • Huerta Box 2012 - present

    This is my mom's gardening business. I'm currently working on a remake, so I teamed up with Andy Vizio and he's helping me out with brand and illustration. I will handle web design and development. I hope to have this redesign up soon!

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